My mind is full of stories and I love to draw. I would like to draw every moment of the day. Unfortunately work & daily tasks take most of my time… (sigh!)

It’s important to find moments for what we love.

So I decided to dedicate my Lunchbreaks to talk with my bizarre characters, that come to me… to eat something.

They tell stories and play with me.

They also disturb and make fun of me.

It’s a crazy Lunchbreak with me and my pencils! :)

365days challenge: a new sketch everyday, in a few minutes, to find relax in food and colors before returning to daily carnival…

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Time is over

Welcome Sailor Moon!


Ice cream & Lake Garda


The scream

Sad Risotto

My rude friend



Cheese Moon


Soooo good!

Dreaming of Wonderland


Pizza Lover


Home Cooking