One bike, one woman, one borderline – around Poland in just two months! I rode 3551 kilometres around my country although I had only traveled abroad before visiting Central America, The States and Japan to name but a few.

Eventually, I came to a conclusion it was my country that was worth exploring. The places around you, the people you meet in your everyday life are all said to be less interesting – you couldn’t be more wrong!

Quite a few people would ask me why I had decided to cycle around Poland instead of some other more beautiful country. “Because Poland is absolutely amazing and picturesque!”, I’d reply. We tend to look for what’s exotic and magical far away from home, in the world’s most distant parts. We do not realize it’s what you can actually find at your arm’s length that is the most exceptional.

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This was my route

I arrived in Kruszyniany, a Tatar village in Poland, still inhabited by the Tatars

Where you can taste the local cuisine, visit its beautiful mosque and mizar which is a truly spiritual Muslim cemetery

In the little village of Stańczyki, I took a walk along the fabulous viaducts which are Poland’s legendary tallest bridges

Sweating like a pig, I wandered along the rough routes of the Bieszczady National Park, admiring its marvellous mountainous landscapes

I listened to the stories of the gold and silver mines of Złoty Stok and Srebrna Góra whose hidden treasures are still to be found

I pitched my tent by some beautiful lagoons and lakes

I walked along the sandy beaches of Darłówko and Kołobrzeg

I went on an individual safari, driving near the amazing Białowieża Forest, looking out for a bison. Eventually, I found one!

I also made my way to my hometown Gorlice where I’d spent my childhood and took another look at the place, discovering its new corners and mysteries I had never been aware of

I kind of grew up to say you do not need to find yourself in the middle of nowhere to take good pics, get impressed, discover new places, meet incredible people and get enchanted with the landscapes

I visited Polish “witches” – szeptucha. One of them told me that I was Indian in my previous life!

I photographed lonely trees


I closed loops around Poland and I finished my trip in my beautiful city of Gdańsk

I realized the fact that even your own neighbourhood can take you on the most incredible and adventurous trip ever