This is my pet bunny Wednesday. She is a 5 year old spoiled rotten, mini-lop house rabbit.

I like to dress her up in costumes. I usually do this just for fun to fill in a lazy Sunday afternoon, from the stuff laying around my house. Sometimes it elaborates a bit too much.

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Maleficent Horns

Made from simple wire and tin foil, covered in a little tissue paper and wrapped in string.

Easter Bunny bunny

Easter bunny ears from pipe cleaners.

Alice in Wonderland

I made this for the Zombie Picnic to be the White Rabbit for my Alice… Being the wrong color should never stop you from Cosplaying.

Cosplaying together

At the Zombie Picnic. White Rabbit costume is made from left over white PVC fabric and red leather with some machine embroidery, and some left over lace for the ruff.

How to Train your Bunny?

A Toothless the Dragon costume I made from left over felt fabric and a little wire.

Sometimes your model just doesn’t want their photo taken

Getting Wednesday to stay still for a picture is often the biggest challenge for me.