Viki, by profession, is a PhD student in Material Sciences. She really likes physics but she also has a lot of other creative hobbies like dancing, writing poems and songs, playing musical instruments. One of her biggest passions is to make beautiful things by hand. It’s for her a way to be creative and to convert her worldview, feelings and emotions into something tactile, that you can touch and see.

Handmade makes her happy and free, and she wants to share it with other people. “When I’m tired, creating is a way to relax,” she explains, “when I’m happy, the things I created remind me of the feelings I had in these moments”.

She makes amazing animal earrings with a lot of cute, realistic details and she confesses that all her products are the result of the crazy workings of her brain.

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Bee Earrings

Bat Earrings

Pug Earrings

Cat Earrings

Lion Earings

Crocodile Earrings

Yorkshire Terrier Earrings

Tentacle Earrings

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Skeleton Jack Earrings

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