The wax dripping from a melting candle can sometimes look like tears, and this is exactly what these beautifully creepy candles and candle holders play on – when the scented candles inside melt, the wax drips through the ceramic candle holders’ eyes to form colorful scented tears.

The candles were designed by The Jacks, a design team based in South Korea. Their Kickstarter campaign (which has already reached its goal but is still accepting contributions) outlines the journey that their idea took from concept to fabrication. Both the candle holders and candles had to be optimized to ensure that the scented wax would flow through the eyes the way they wanted it to.

If you like these creepy and creative candles, be sure to check out The Jacks’ website and contribute to their Kickstarter, too!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Kickstarter

They also work as planters!