Creative Photography has always been my hobby and this is what I pursue when I am not designing at work. As a new mom, like every other mother i was also sleep deprived. Instead of following the rule, “sleep when your baby sleeps” I took advantage of this precious time and came up with these ideas. I started with pen and paper, jotting these down and began to experiment. Life around me gave me magnitude of ideas to try out.

Everyday with my baby turned out to be super special. My vision was to create a photo series portraying my 2 month old different imaginary characters. I am extremely delightful to share my memories and these precious pictures of my little baby. I will be capturing and sharing more love, fun and drama! This is an endless photo journey which I have started with my baby girl. Hope this post will bring smiles to everyone especially to the new moms.

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Saving the world – Superman

Mini Astronaut on Big Mission

Future NFL Player

Whats cooking in the kitchen Master Chef?

Dropped my umbrella In the rain

Dalai Lama’s Little Disciple


When i will grow up i want to be a Photographer like dad!

L is for LOVE

Little Bookworm

Chillin On the Beach!

Laundry has just got prettier!

Celebrating the spirit of Independence India

Yo! RAD like DAD

look what my parents did – Kisses all over me

Hello bestie!

In my whale – Bathing Time

The indian me