My name is Ivka and I am from Slovakia. I started with “towels” pictures 6 months ago when my son Samuel was 4 months old. I committed myself to make a different picture for him for each month. He has already visited pyramids in Egypt. When he was 5 months old I booked him balloon flight in the Netherlands over the flowers fields. A month later he put on his Santa suit. During his adventures, he met numerous cartoon characters such as Pingu, Smurfs, Bugs Bunny and Tweety.

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Thanks, Ivana Brniakova

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Bugs Bunny – 10 months old

The Smurfs – 9 months old

Pingu – 8 months old

We made a snowmen – 7 months old

Santa Claus – 6 months old

Balloon flight in the Netherlands – 5 months old

Samuel in Egypt – 4 months old