I would like this post to put a smile on your face…

As the Reality unfolds I found myself working as a jewelry artist, which was a pretty drastic change after being a psychiatrist and a scientist. My passion for healing and deep interest in the human experience are the influences of my Art.

My favorite medium is Metal Clay (a mix of atomized metal particles and organic binder, which after firing at high temperatures turns into pure metal), which I’m using to create settings for my favorite stones.

More info: sky-and-beyond.com

Anima Mundi – Copper and Spectrolite

Hecate – copper, Spectrolite

Hidden Love – silver, Spectrolite

Be Free – silver, Spectrolite

Be Mine – silver, Spectrolite

Devoted – silver, Spectrolite

Harmony – silver, Spectrolite

Heart – silver, Lapis Lazuli

The Light Within – silver, gold, Rutilated Quartz

Divine Dream – silver and Amethyst

Dance of Light – silver, gold, Rutilated Quartz