We recently got back from South America and we saw some crazy animals during our adventures! I shared one post earlier, and there were so many animals that I couldn’t have posted them all in one article! So here is round 2 of the cool things we saw in South and Central America! I have created and posted below a video compilation of all the cool animals as well! Enjoy!

More info: youtube.com

Looks like he’s on fire! Quick somebody get some water!

Saddle-back Tamarin, aka Tiny Bandits!

Spot the frog! This little guy was no bigger than your pinky nail!

Look who just wandered in….

He doesn’t even know he’s adorable!

Land planaria anyone?

Gah too much cute, look at that little face!

Beautiful blues!

It’s like the Easter egg of the beetle world!

Just a leafhopper, living in a lonely world!

Why so blue?

Happy sloth! Must be his Friday! ;)

Colours that say “Stay Away!”

Magnificent Frigatebird! Love seeing these guys soar around!


Pelicans that fly together, land together!

Bare-throated Tiger Heron, he was quite the hunter!

Flying with the gulls! (If only)

Motmot! These guys were one of my favourites!

Getting the stare down..

When you think you’re sneaky…

Long day eh?

Why did the vulture cross the road?

Working on that tan!

Who me? I wasn’t doing nothin’…

The guide called this a turkey…

Crazy Animals From South America Compilation!

Red-legged Honeycreeper, what a beauty!