Cy and Kai, married for six years, have been traveling the world to see Game of Thrones locations – and they don’t take the usual touristy photos. Kai shares, “We travel every year, it’s one of our traditions as a couple. We love to discover new places and equally LOVE GoT. So adding Game of Thrones to our itinerary is just one of the fun ways we keep things a bit more interesting. So far we’ve been to Iceland (just the two of us), and Croatia (with another couple, Jamie & Derrick who are also GoT fans) and we’re hoping to visit Northern Ireland and possibly Spain in the future. But we are actually kind of an awkward couple, and we don’t like cheesy couple shots. My husband is also very camera shy and prefers to take photos only of me or just the landscape. We prefer photos that are a bit on the moody and creative side.

These spots are obviously popular with tourists so to achieve the quality of photos that we like, we go during the off-peak season and off-peak hours. For instance, to get the “Walk of Shame” photo that we wanted, we had to go to the location at 5:00am. We often search for the locations on our own. The thrill of hunting down the spots in an unknown city is exciting. But we also book Game of Thrones tours to get more in-depth stories. In Iceland, in the city of Akureyri (aka Wilding & White Walker Country), we managed to get the same tour company (The Traveling Vikings) that HBO used for their PR blitz. And in Dubrovnik, Croatia (aka King’s Landing), we lucked-out as we unknowingly got a tour guide, his name is Branko Boro, and he happens to be a cast member! He has played roles at the Walk of Shame Scene, he’s at the Battle of the Bastards, he’s also a White Walker in Season 7, among many other roles. So his wealth of knowledge was so awesome to hear!”

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Where Cersei started her Walk of Shame in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jon Snow & Yygritte’s “Love Cave” in Akureyri, Iceland

GoT Production created a snow storm scene in Season 2, using geothermal and volcanic steams in Akureyri, Iceland

Beyond the Wall at Myvatn Lake, Akureyri, Iceland

Arya & The Hound’s travel escapades (which was revisited in Season 7) in Thingvellir, Iceland

Jokusarlon Glacial Lagoon, Southern Iceland

Another couple (Jamie and Derrick, also GoT fans), traveled with us to Croatia and they loved re-enacting some scenes with us and our tour guide!

We sometimes wake-up at 5:00am to achieve our shots. At the same time, it makes us appreciate the city even more.

Split, Croatia aka Meereen

The Dragons’ Dungeon in Split, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia aka Bravos

King’s Landing – can you imagine the Battle of the Blackwater?

The Gardens of King’s Landing in Trsteno, Croatia

Re-enacting a Margaery and Sansa scene at Trsteno, Croatia

Sunrise at the old town of Dubrovnik