COVID-19 has been an all around bummer for all of us. From missed birthdays, to home schooling your children, to losing your job, we have all felt the burden of this pandemic. But one couple decided to try to make the best of losing their jobs in the film industry: by producing 100 Corona related videos during 100 days of isolation. The videos touch on a range of subjects, but all showcase the difficulties of life during the pandemic, in the most amusing way possible. What started as a way to keep her parents smiling while trapped two countries apart, turned into something larger.

“We made them to bring a smile to my parents’ faces, but we hope they will make anyone smile. Especially during such a hard time.” says Blair.

“I got pretty good at editing along the way. Getting better at After Effects was something I wanted to do and this situation gave me the time and motivation to do that.” says Arnold.

Arnold Caylakyan was a lighting technician in Toronto’s booming film and television industry and his wife, Blair Woodward, an actress, before the pandemic hit. Productions typically being as large as they are, it is one field that is particularly hard to start back up in the wake of a pandemic. These videos allowed them to keep the creative juices flowing, and hopefully helped brighten some days along the way.

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