It starts with looking at different things from different angles. By simply twisting your perception of boring or wrong into perception of all that is precious.

Our marvelous French stone village is an absolutely serene place magically bringing you back to the past. But it has the ability to be also just as nervous as you are.

Watch the instants of our 1 ordinary day to notice: you do not need to move to a faraway France, to make such for yourself.
Respect the ordinary and it will respect you. It will help you make your ambiance visibly enjoyable too!

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1. Follow the moonlight

2. Wake them gently

3. Pay attention when flowers shine on the black road

4. Take your coffee with the kids

5 .Watch the insignificant things grow

6. Be ready to take your time

7. Let them work to be satisfied

8. Have yourself a rose

9. See the salad as a bigger greener rose

10. Let them play in old and static places

11. Make the cherry earrings

12. Flip pancakes

13. Close the day and go rest in the bed