We started dating after a book festival. From there on, our imaginations have led us to many roles in our lives.

Milica always had talent for creating unique and beautiful costumes. I liked being engrossed in the fantastic. With such a combination, we proceeded to participate in numerous cosplay events and masquerades as a couple. Some of the roles, which we took upon ourselves, were Vermeer and the Girl with the Pearl earring. We also went as a black and white chocolate cream, as well as the mascot of one of the chocolate products. And, of course, Hugh Heffner and one of his bunnies.

Then, there were the big roles that we wanted to finally take. Those were the roles of the bride and the groom.

And, besides the mentioned ones, for our wedding, we decided to become Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

For this event we decorated the restaurant with the vitrages from the animated motion picture, got the figurines of the likes of Cogsworth, Lumiere, Miss Potts and Chip. The magic rose under the bell was there as a reminder of the enchanting events that were taking place. Even the music was from the 1991 film. As soon as the intro music from the film started, it was clear that magic was being summoned at that moment. “Tale as Old as Time” was the song of choice for the first dance.

It was the most ambitious cosplay we have ever undertaken to date. It was, also, the hardest one. But, most importantly, it was our favourite one.

Vermeer and the Girl with the Pearl earring (2014)

Hugh and his bunny (2015)

Again with the sailor’s cap (2015)

The Sultan and his Sultania – after our engagement in Turkey (2015)

The Queen and the General – right before moving in together (2015)

Choco product and the mascot (2016)

Beauty and the Beast – right before our wedding (2017)

A kiss on the Danube (2017)

Boat posing (2017)

Our wedding table (2017)

Lumiere and Cogsworth (2017)

Miss Potts, Chip, Magic mirror and the Enchanted Rose (2017)

Approaching the altar (2017)

The first kiss (2017)

The first dance – “Tale as Old as Time” (2017)

The wedding cake (2017)

Casting a spell (2017)

Behind the scenes (2017)

Just enjoying each other (2017)

Going to the castle (2017)

The enchanted fireworks (2017)