My name is Lisa Price, and I am a Bedfordshire-based artist. I was blown away last year by some space photos I spotted on Pinterest from the Hubble telescope. With plenty of real-life doon and gloom to deal with, this other-worldly gob-smacking beauty was just what I needed. I’d been painting mainly abstract pieces until then, but wanted to see if I could find a way to recreate these nebula images using my acrylics. It’s been a very experimental process, with the materials and application evolving along the way, but now I’m pretty happy with the finished products.

Some are based on actual nebula photos (many by successful cosmological photographer Chris Baker, AKA Cosmology Chris), and some are just from my imagination. I rarely use a paintbrush these days, other than for some of the background – instead, I’ve been using sponges, toothbrushes, cardboard, and chopsticks! Mixed with the acrylic paint is a ton of glaze, which helps to give a translucence, and all the paintings are sealed with lots of layers of glossy varnish once finished. There’s been a lot of lovely feedback and several space-loving customers through my Facebook Page and exhibiting, so the next step is trying to get a gallery or two to show my nebula work.

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‘Carina Nebula’

‘Guiding Light’