The story started about 3 years ago, when we visited Barni at home with the members of the 501st Legion Hungarian Garrison. Originally we planned to surprise him at his hospital room, but luckily He could leave sooner, so we visited him at home. In 2013, on a scorching day in May, after a hospital’s children’s day, before going home, Darth Vader, Obi Van Kenobi, TK-7633 and TK-7454 took a little detour, and on his 86th day of convalesence after stem-cell transplant, surprised Barni.

During the last 3 years members of the 501st Legion Hungarian Garrison and the Rebel Legion Hungary gave joyful experiences to the young treated in the Department of Pediatric Haematology and Stemcell Transplantation at Szent László Hospital in Budapest on multiple occasion.

Once we managed to reach Department of Pediatric Haematology in Pécs accompanied by R2-DK.

In 2014 we affectionatly welcomed the Lord of the Rings Cosplay Club in the Hospital.

Since 2016 we are visiting hospitals under the name: CosHelp.

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