We are Copypastry Team and we produce 3D printed custom-made cookie cutters that look exactly like your face. Inspired by any photographs, created by a team of crafty graphic designers and produced with cutting edge 3D printers. Have any silhouette, family portrait, logo or drawing printed and bake your heart out! The options are truly endless.

Kriszti Bozzai, a graduate design student wanted to bake doggy treats for her dachshund’s birthday. She looked and looked for unique cookie cutters, but she didn’t find what she wanted. Then an idea hit her: what if I could make any kind of cookie cutter I wanted? Would people dig that?

She bought her first 3D printer, quickly learned the trade, opened an Etsy account and two months later Copypastry was born. The process is simple: all you need to do is send a photograph for your desired cookie-cutter shape and select a colour for the product.

The most popular requests are photos of family members and pets, but a university student once ordered a batch of genitalia shaped cutters for a safe-sex seminar she organized. Recently the entire NSYNC team has been ordered for Christmas.

More info: Etsy | copypastry.net