I decided to rediscover my artistic side, hidden since childhood. I used to be very good, but for no reason I just quit staring high school. Now a master student, I’ve decided that it’s never too late to make some time for art. So I just bought watercolor, hide in a chill tea house and left with this painting. It made my day and for sure it won’t be the last one!


Image by: barta_noemi_1

I went in Samsara, a very nice and chill tea house. The honey had its own role in the creative process.


Image by: barta_noemi_1

And here it was, I was staring at the painting for a while. I am just sorry I did not take a picture before cleaning the mess.


Image by: barta_noemi_1

The scanned version represents the colors the best. Still thinking that there is no point for you to start painting? You just need the right mood and place!