My name is Angela Teng, and I am an accessory designer who works in New York City. In my free time, I love to sketch things that happened to me. If you had seen my illustration before, then you know I only draw real-life happenings. From my previous posts, “22 odd questions I get asked at a job interview” and “6 of the weirdest And Most Amusing Conversation I Overheard in the Elevator”, to this post, which is “Confession of a DMV Examiner,” they are all true stories.

A friend of mine became a DMV examiner about a year ago. He told me many funny things he encountered at his job. Though my career as a designer is fun but sometimes when you hear what others go through on a workday that is different than yours, it can be even more amusing.

I drew the stories he told me. I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you.