I first had my artworks shared on Bored Panda three years ago with my single Creatures and Insects, like the Fan Winged Computer Bug.

My Computer Bugs have slowly evolved and have grown into larger, entwined, Multi-Bug Mandalas. The mandala shape is used because of its beauty and spiritual symbolism portraying our dependence on computer technology in the modern world as almost a kind of ‘worship’ of technology.

The circular shape of the mandala with all the Insects and Bugs entwined with one another also signifies the inter-dependent nature of all living things on Earth.

My Insect Mandalas are both a celebration of the natural world but also a celebration of mankind’s ingenuity and the decades of hard work that has created today’s digital technologies.

Most importantly, I hope that my Computer Bug and Insect artworks help to highlight the dangers of e-waste and planned obsolescence to our natural environments.

I like to see my Insect Mandalas as an antidote to Damien Hirst’s ‘Entomology Mandalas’ in which thousands of real insects are used to create his art.

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The Fan-Winged Computer Bug

A Mandala of Twelve British Butterflies

There are 60 species of Butterfly in Britain. I am working on a Mandala to include all sixty but for now these twelve fairly well known species including the Peacock, Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, Comma, Purple Emperor and Brimstone is a beautiful and well balanced starting point

Working in my home studio

I am a freelance artist, sculptor and creator of Miniature Worlds

A Rainbow Circle of Circuit Board Butterflies

Shimmering Beetle Mandala

Shimmering Beetle Mandala (detail)

Shimmering Beetle Mandal (up close)

Colourful Mandala of Ladybirds and X-Box Butterflies

Upclose view of Colourful Mandala of Ladybirds and X-Box Butterflies

It is so wonderful to find little gems like this colourful ‘input socket’ component

This is what inspired the Colourful Mandala of Ladybirds and X-Box Butterflies. Of course, the multi-coloured buttons on the X-Box controls also had a part in the pieces inspiration.

A Large Mandala of Entwined Dragonfles, Spiders, Butterflies and Bumble Bees

A delicately Entwined Mandala of Lacewings, Butterflies, Meadow Flies, Bees and Spiders with their Egg Cases

A Large Mandala of 20 Creatures: Spiders with their Egg Cases, Butterflies, Large Winged Insects, Dragonflies and Golden Beetles