In new series by Tezi Gabunia, presented images create unfinished plots, they challenge the visitor to complete the painting by their free choice, including any kind of action.

Complete the painting is an interactive art project that reflects on interactive trend of contemporary art. Series of paintings provide certain scenes with different characters, which trigger a communication with a visitor. The plot is incomplete and obscure, so the viewer is challenged to interact immediately – to choose an action and take photos. In that manner, they produce their own unique creation. So an artwork is created through a very moment of interaction, the final photos carry documentation features of the project.


More info:

kick – 205 x 250 cm, acrylic on canvas

competition – 205 x 250cm, acrylic on canvas

happy birthday – 125 x 184 cm, acrylic on canvas

drink milk – 60 x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas

eat pasta – 50 x 95 cm, acrylic on canvas

play – 60 x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas

meeting – 205 x 175 cm, acrylic on canvas

process of the exhibition

the audience interacts with the installation

Complete the Painting

Project info:

Team: Tezi Gabunia, Gvanca Gabunia, Dato Koroshinadze, Mariam Nadareishvili, Nika Maisuradze, Oto Shengelia, Dato Tsanava

Photography: Nick Paniashvili

Location: Artarea Gallery

Video by Film Asylum,

Music by Tete Noise (Album, Zebra Blossom)

Models: Rati Eradze, Tekla Kiguradze, Sali Nikolaishvili, Irakli Skhvitaridze, Sandro Samkharadze, Ana Tatishvili, Taso Ugulava, Nene Chochua

Sponsorship: TBC Bank