Shopping is an important part of our lifestyle. We buy new things to replace old ones. But how superheroes do it? Well… they do it secretly!

So in this small series I tried to imagine few superheroes buying things for their alter ego (superhero) which reflects their personalities and shopping habits. I made it in comic book style to give much more realistic situation.

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Finally found someone

Deadpool is all alone and needs someone. Well, he found mannequin which looks exactly like him.

Anything For Red Underwear

Of course he don’t need trial room for that (every red counts).


Whenever he turns into Green Monster, his pants are gone! Need few extra trousers.

Loves running

Flash runs so fast that no shoe can sustain for more than a day.


Wolverine always keeps stock of cigars. Maybe he has a collection of all antique cigars because he is there for ages.

Poor Parker

Somehow managing with Mary Jane!

Black for sure

Need to spray black on scratches. Batman prefers online shopping with secret account.