Hey there, I am Nayan Shrimali, a furniture design graduate from NID and my partner Vaishali Chudasama, a freelance illustrator and a full-time Artist, from Ahmedabad, India and we make hand painted laser cut artworks.

Earlier in 2015 we started making laser cut artworks from the doodles we used to make daily in our sketchbooks and that’s how NVillustration came to life. Our art is inspired by the nature around us, we illustrate them and convert them into products. We use the technique of laser cutting to get our artworks etched on wood and then those pieces are hand painted with acrylic colors.

Here we are with our first Wooden Bird jewelry collection called “Colors in Nature”. The love for Art and the knowledge of Technology keeps us alive.

More info: Etsy

Toucan Wooden Necklace

Kingfisher Wooden Necklace

Dark Eye Junco Winter Wooden Necklace

Humming Bird Wooden Necklace

Bee Eater Wooden Necklace

Woodpecker Wooden Necklace

Bald Eagle Wooden Necklace

Macaw Wooden Necklace

Red Northern Cardinal Wooden Necklace

Indian Golden Oriole Wooden Necklace