Chemistry classes in films and cartoons look very exciting: with tiny explosions, clouds of pink smoke and liquids changing colours in seconds. Real chemistry class never was that theatrical. But when you’re a still life photographer, you can easily make up for that with the help of lab glassware, acrylic paint, and a fish tank.

You can even imagine yourself as a future nutritionist who is trying to create a new sort of instantly dissolving broccoli or chili paper.

As one of the commenters on my DA page said: This looks like the best excuse for not eating your broccoli…
“Bobby! Eat your broccoli!”
“I can’t, Ma!”
“Why not?”
“It vaporizes on impact!”

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Disintegrated chili pepper

Disintegrated broccoli

Disintegrated orange

Scent of lavender

Disintegrated tomato

Chemistry class