So far, there’s only a few that have already begun to prepare for national holidays. However, Kaunas artists are making sure that the city could flaunt with their extraordinary and beautiful Christmas tree. It has become a tradition that the main Kaunas Christmas Tree stands out from all the other cities’ trees in originality. This year, Kaunas has again amazed us all with their artists’ creativity.

This year, it will be a fir full of clouds. It will have twelve angels who will sit there and speak from the top about what they see from up there” – the artists explained.

More info:

When you look up it seems like it’s about to leave the Earth

One of the three angels

The making of the Christmas Tree:

Putting it all together

The angels are rising!

One day before the Christmas lights were turned on

Last year, Kaunas had an impressive knitted Christmas tree

And in 2012 they made an awesome Christmas Tree From 32,000 plastic bottles