My name is MacKenzie Haley. I’m an illustrator who draws farting dragons (among other things) and lives in Louisville, KY. I have a problem with Nutella, as in, I’m-not-allowed-to-buy-it-anymore-because-I’ll-consume-an-entire-jar-in-under-four-hours-with-a-bag-of-mini-pretzels kind of problem. I simply can’t be trusted with it. Aside from that, my vices are pretty harmless; cat shirts, tiny objects, fake food, horror movies, and pretty much anything cute. I thought my artwork might be right up your readers’ alley; it’s colorful, pretty darn cute, humorous at times, includes a lot of cats, and tries to empower women and girls. I enjoy experimenting with light and color, and am continually pushing myself to grow as an artist.

I’ve recently been selected as a winner in two competitions on I also run a personal blog called OMG I Have OCD. This is because, as you probably guessed, I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (pretty severely), and I wanted to reach out to people struggling with mental health issues to let them know they aren’t alone. I tackle some serious topics, but try to approach things with humor, as I think that’s one of the most effective ways to handle the hard bits of life. If my blog reaches even just one viewer and makes a healthy impact on them, well, that’s success to me.

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Spirit Woods

Little Witchcraft

Lil’ Scientist

Spring is Splendid

Dragon Fart

True Love


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