Good day, Bored Panda! Or good night! Just like you, I am getting increasingly bored and panda-like the longer I am trapped at home. My country, Singapore, is now going through a Circuit Breaker which started on the 7th of April and will last until the 1st of June. For now. It got extended from May 4th. I hope that will be the end of it, and I can finally go back to being a not-so-bored Bored Panda.

So here’s my story. I have always wanted to craft a children’s book. And this one was born out of a Circuit Breaker. I have never written a children’s book before, but I have never experienced a Circuit Breaker as well. Boom. “I Am Not Like The Other Clouds” was born.

I chose to write my book because it combines my two loves: Adobe Illustrator and teaching kids. I hope it inspires hope, self-acceptance, and embracing change (especially amidst COVID-19).

This is a book about a cloud. A cloud that did not fit in with the other clouds. You see, every cloud has a silver lining. Every cloud except… well, this one. How is a cloud without a silver lining? Have you ever wondered?

Let me clue you in. He always keeps to himself, he never wants to talk to any other cloud, and never goes anywhere near the other clouds. He closes his door, turns off the lights, and hides under the covers. But what happens when one creative little cloud decides that he wants a silver lining, and will do whatever it takes to get one?

Simple yet extremely relatable to readers young, old, and somewhere in between, I Am Not Like The Other Clouds proves that positive change is possible for anyone.

Hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to check it out in the link below. 

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