I am a photographer from a coastal town Klaipeda in Lithuania. A small community of classmates and a teacher becomes a reflection of greater society in my latest project “I WILL”. I invited 29 5th graders (all between the ages of eleven and twelve) to pose at the blackboard in a classroom. They were asked to complete the sentence “I will be”. Everyone’s world blooms out in a portrait.

A combination of body language, each thought and the way it was scribbled on the blackboard tells a story.

The simplicity of days is so delusive. Common days conceal uncommon revelations. In every tiny life there is a sensation of the great life breathing.

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I WILL be a pilot

I WILL be a basketball player

I WILL be happy and beautiful

I WILL be a good human

I WILL be a happy painter, photographer… and smart

I WILL be a mathematician

I WILL be an astronomer and I‘ll travel to Australia

I WILL be a rugby player. And I WILL have enough money to survive

I WILL be a family man

I WILL be a dancer

I WILL be a game developer

I WILL be an intelligent cardiologist

I WILL be curious, foxy and interesting

I WILL be a human. Kind. Strange

I WILL be a happy swimmer. Champion!

I WILL be a successful businesswoman

I WILL be friendly, sincere, kind and self-confident

I WILL be happy with my parents and with a football

I WILL be myself

I WILL be a dancer as I express myself best while dancing

I WILL be free, happy, clever

I WILL be forgiving and kind-hearted

I WILL be happy and honest and sincere

I WILL be as I am

I WILL be sporty and I WILL have a wife

I WILL be friendly and I WILL succeed in tennis

I WILL be a friendly designer

I WILL be a good girl

I WILL be loving and friendly

I WILL be loved and loving