I always wondered if I would find something that would distinguish me from other artists. Somewhere and somehow over the course of my artistic path, I have stumbled upon what I believe to be truly a unique style that I can bring to the art world. My abstracts demonstrate a strange and organic fluidity and a sense of tension.

I am amazed at how many different responses I get to my artwork. How many “I see this!” and “I see that!” come about. Though 2-dimensional and without shadows, there is a movement and depth to each of my paintings.

Some of the common 1-word responses to my pieces are:

What do YOU see?


More info: dinahlangsjoen.com

“Untitled” close-up, in progress

“Untitled” 24×24″ Acrylic on Canvas. 2014

“Intertwined” close-up, in progress, made with sample paint from Lowe’s

“Intertwined” Acrylic on canvas. 24×30″ 2013.

“Ambler” close-up, in progress

“Ambler” Acrylic on canvas 18×24″ April 2012

“Femme Fatale Fall” in-progress, at the stage of laying out the base colors

“Femme Fatale Fall” in progress

“Femme Fatale Fall” 24×18″ Acrylic on Canvas

“Paradise in Blue” close-up, in progress

“Paradise in Blue” Acrylic on Canvas 24×30″ 2012

“Simple Synapse” in progress, where it starts

“Simple Synapse” in progress, how it develops

“Simple Synapse” Acrylic on Canvas, 30×36″ May 2011

“Lost in Curls” losing my arm in the artwork!

“Lost in Curls” Acrylic on canvas, 36×48″