Australian photographer Sarah Murnane is travelling Australia on a venture known as ‘The Australian Breastfeeding Project’. Murnane seeks to capture a photo series of mums breastfeeding their babies in the hopes that negative stigma’s about breastfeeding will be eradicated.

“I want to empower breastfeeding mothers and the next time they sit down to feed their baby wherever they may be, they know they have the support of thousands” states Murnane. “I want to bring about awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding including long term and the fact that most women struggle. So many women do not have enough support or education to help them continue breastfeeding.”

Murnane encourages onlookers of a breastfed baby with these words. “The next time you see a mother breastfeeding her child and feel the need to say something, make eye contact with her, smile and simply tell her what an amazing job she is doing. Give them a ‘thank you for breastfeeding in public card’ that the project mails out for free. She will remember it, it may be the first time she gets the courage up to feed in public, you just might change her whole breastfeeding journey.”

Together through the power of images we will change the negative views surrounding breastfeeding.


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We can make a difference

We can empower women through breastfeeding


We can change the way the world views breastfeeding

You have the support of thousands


Breastfeeding with nothing to hide

Mother and child is a sacred bond

Breastfeeding is beautiful

A mothers heart is love