Just this year, I decided to “branch out” and try my hand at Chainsaw Carving. Well, so far it’s turning out to be something that’s quite rewarding. I love to create, and I enjoy encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone, to try something new. 

You just might find a gift that is waiting to be discovered! Trees that would’ve been cut for firewood, or simply discarded, are given the opportunity to become works of art; creative expression that may last forever.

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Odin, The Watcher became one of my first carvings

I finagled this huge stump from a local farmer who was trying to figure out the best way to chop it up for firewood.

Merlin, my second carving, begins to emerge from the wood

Of course, bears are always popping up out of old stumps

Eagles are, what appear to be, an integral part of a chainsaw carvers’ repertoire, so, here’s my first

This fellow stands guard at his final resting place on Eagle Crest road

Three dimensional work is a bit different than drawing or painting on canvas or paper

Throw in the speed, violence and weight of a chainsaw and, well, you have a rather dynamic art form.

I find that, if you watch and listen to the wood, you discover shapes, and creatures, that present themselves for creation

In this case, the old, water-soaked log, seemed to have an alligator within-go figure!

The campers at Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) will get a surprise when they come upon this guy near the pond!