Copies of all kinds of mammal have left the world’s laboratories. People do not pay more attention when one made of these is announced. But there is an exception in that clones gallery: primates – Subgroup members to which humans belong.

For reasons not well understood, scientists failed to make genetic copies of monkeys, and no one has tried seriously to clone a person, unless embryos whose goal is to obtain stem cells with them, ‘manufacture’ tissues and organs which could be used in transplants with zero risk of rejection.

As in the fantasy world everything is permitted, we cloned some celebrities!

Jennifer Aniston by Maxi Manti

Alicia Silverstone by MZPresto

Adrien Brodyk by Coos Ricardo

Christina Aguilera by Megaram

Jessica Simpson by Rodger33

Kilie Minogue by Duphrates

Reese Witherspoon by Cswatco

Gwyneth Paltrow by MaxManti

Owen Wilson by Deschain420

Angelina Jolie by Sting1

kilie Minogue by Carthe

Rihanna by Atila Britto

Michael Jackson by Adilson Neves

Demi Lovato by Jéssica Santana

Leonardo DiCaprio by Luiz Carlos Estati

Bruce Willis by Mzpresto

Gisele Bündchen by Hidreley