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I Turned My Hobby And Life Experience Into A Business
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I Turned My Hobby And Life Experience Into A Business

Hi, I am one half of Pudding and Chops, we set up our business earlier this year in a bid to bring some humour to some of the not so glamorous parts of parenting. We wanted it to be shown that parenting is not all sunshine and roses but instead its sleepless nights, poonamis and not so delightful discoveries of our little ones misadventures and explorations.

I design the cards in between looking after my two boys and working as a teacher and private tutor. Design has always been a hobby of mine, however it’s great that I can turn my hobby into a business with my friend Laura – the concept behind the cards.

We’ve had some great fun designing these cards, and even more fun seeing the wonderful pictures that people have sent us. It’s been great to share stories and have a giggle as well as know we are not alone in our struggles with our mini monsters.

More info: Etsy

Lovingly wrapped, these make the perfect gift for a baby shower or for yourself

Some of the brilliant shots from our customers on Instagram

My ‘Pudding’ the inspiration behind our name, ‘Chops’ is equally as adorable and troublesome

You can see more works on Etsy


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