I had never finished an illustration just on time to celebrate something but timing was perfect this time and this one was ready to celebrate BTS earning first No.1 album on Billboard 200 chart. What an achievement! They truly deserve it.

It has been an amazing month for me too. After my portraits of BTS got featured on Naver News, a lot of people have been showing me their support and I cannot be more grateful.

So after drawing the seven members individually I thought it was time to draw all of them together, so I chose to recreate a photo from their Billboard magazine photoshoot. I also wanted to include a part of ARMY in some way in this drawing since they are always there to support my art, so I asked on twitter for lyrics that meant something to them and they kindly sent me some to add to the background. The result is this illustration done with coffee, brown pencil and white marker on Canson paper (40×50 cm). Hope you like it!

More info: twitter.com

BTS’ coffee illustration

New illustration of BTS done with coffee and brown pencil on Canson paper (40×50 cm). To write down the lyrics on the background I used white marker.

Reference picture

For the reference picture I used BTS’ Billboard photoshoot. I changed the background to include some lyrics ARMY sent me through Twitter.

(All the credit for the reference picture goes to Billboard. BTS photographed on January 19, 2018 at Korea House in Seoul for Billboard magazine)

Progress shoots

These are some shoots I took of the drawing progress.

BTS’ coffee portraits

This new illustration comes after the seven individual portraits I did of the seven members, using coffee and brown pencil too.