Standing elegantly 40 ft high, among the six acres of greens surrounding the AIIMS flyover, the familiar “Sprouts” installation was an initiative by the Delhi Government in 2008, towards the beautification of the capital.

‘Chief Minister Sheila Dixit gave a one-line brief “From Walled City to World City” to me and the promoters and sponsors Jindal Stainless Limited. Having six words as a project brief seemed ambiguous, but interesting. With an intent to represent independent India in an abstract manner, the idea behind the installation was “when the seeds begin to sprout…” subtly suggesting that India, post-independence, is transforming and growing. Hence, the new age material, stainless steel, representing contemporary thought, was used.

The process took almost a year, comprising initial conceptualization to detailing of the installation, calculation of sizes and various cluster formations, their placing in the larger landscape and the actual installation on the site. Being a public art, various points like vandalism, longevity, outer environment, maintenance were kept in mind while working on it.

Sprouts will be celebrating 10 years of its conception very soon. The fact that people across India recognize it as a public memory and take it as the contemporary public image of Delhi is an honor. For me as an artist, I appreciate having a chance to work on designs that are of public relevance and draw their opinion.

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