We have rescued many stray cats and built them a catio in addition to the guesthouse. We have plastic slats on windows that keep heat, cold and bugs out but cats can easily walk through them. We call this home Catville. We have old ones, deaf ones, ones with missing teeth, young ones that we hand raised. They all have been taken to vets to be fixed and get shots. Some have had severe health problems, one almost lost an eye, but she was healed and can see now. We continue to work on Catville inside and outside to keep their environment entertaining and safe for them. They are healthy, happy and very loved. We also have a lovely chicken garden keeping in mind the environment for them to be healthy and happy. We will keep posting updates and hope to show each and every cat on this page. We hope this brings inspiration to others to help feral cats.

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Catville village

Forest area. We had trees in the pasture fall down and they became a play area for the cats

We have a layout of rails so they can go under and over other cats to get away if needed. They can hide in plants to get away from other felines with a stronger personality. Some cats like to jump down from high up, others need steps and have different ways to go over and under each other. We also have a plastic tunnel, whose purpose is for cats to escape one another easily so that there would be minimal conflicts. It is a very peaceful place for them and us. You never realize how many cats live here. It is a paradise but there is always something to improve. We also have shaded places for the cats to hide from the heat in summer. I was thinking of adding hammocks for them and seeing if they like them.

Blue Boy is a cool dude

I think it’s important to mention, we do not add any more cats to Catville. We do feed stray cats that have found us and have heated outdoor houses for them to use. We will catch them, have them fixed, get shots, etc. However, we release them after that. It is important to keep the quality of life and environment safe for our Catville family. We will never overcrowd. I would like to see more people involved in helping ferals. They need much support. I am so happy so many enjoy the heart of Catville.

Blue Boy On top of the world

Hank Jr very shy. We caught his mom and family as well. Only showing a few of the cats here

Max belongs to our dog Oliver. They love each other

Poppi, 8 yrs old raised by us from birth because she was abandoned