Hey everyone :)
I’m here with my second story photos. Everyone knows who lived or visited Istanbul about there are lots of cats in the city. Even there is movie called “nine lives: cats in Istanbul”. While i’m staying in Istanbul i captured lots of cats picture and really exiting to share some of the with you guys :) I always found myself on the floor or in very strange and artistic stance to try to catch best pose of cats. I’m share my cat picture every Saturday with #CATURDAY hastag. Cats are basically everywhere in Istanbul. Let’s take a trip with cats in Istanbul then.
Thanks for checking my post, will be countiuned !!

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#1-I found him amazing area of Istanbul where full of nice cafes with amazing grafiti.

#2-He was top of car and stick out his tongue to my friend just because we woke up :D

#3-Looks nervous. Because one of the cute dog is approching to her!

#4-One of cool cat who’s owner of scooter :D

#5-Detective cat waiting front of bookstore :)

#6-She cast a role for herself front of the souvenir shop.

#7-Hello, Is that high enough :D

#8-Another cat who has small motobike :D

#9-Take my picture without my knowign dude :D

#10-She know how to pose :) and also was very jealous.

#11-He know exactly how to pose!

#12-The cutiest cat of this album :)

#13-Still wondering what’s she has been thinking !

#14-Watcher of art gallery :)

#15-Hello there :)

#16-Little lion :) Dream is big but he’s still small!

#17-Watcher of Armenian Church, always waiting there.

#18Waiting something from up!

BONUS: Black and White cute cat :)