I love to create doodles and since I’m also a graphic designer I like to make stuff. I started making my kitty Yoda his own little catnip cat toys and then started selling them on my handmade Etsy store. I love to use the computer but getting to actually make something with my hands brings me so much joy.

Here are a few of my favorite cat toys I’ve made. I use a high quality catnip grown in California and I do all my own sewing and stuffing. I nice dence furniture fabric is used so they really get into using their claws on them but the fabric can take it. I use my Silhouette Machine to cut these cute earth friendly labels that wrap around the each cat toy.

More info: Etsy

Chicken and Cat butt Catnip cat toys

Group shot of my little catnip toys

Star Trek Inspired Enterprise doodle drawing on catnip cat toy

Santa Hat Cat Butt

Dr. Who Dalek

A cute trio of my little catnip cat toys

A little Star Wars AtAt catnip cat toy

Harry Potter inspired illustration on a catnip cat toy

a sweet cat butt catnip cat toy

You can see more or Etsy