Inspired by the giant utility knife blade created by my friend Jimmy Diresta, and the Stanley knife that it was modeled after, I created this giant knife perfectly to scale (and functional just like the real thing) entirely out of wood because stupid challenges are often the most rewarding. Put that on a t-shirt, or don’t (probably don’t). As soon as I saw Jimmy create the blade a couple of months ago, I knew this had to happen. I was able to get my hands on one of his blades and at that point decided to set the totally unnecessary requirement that it be made entirely out of wood because (everyone says it with me now) “I hate myself”, good work everyone… The body is made from maple butcher block. The internal mechanism is made from 1/4″ plywood, a piece of white oak for the spring because of it’s flexibility, and its handle is a piece cut from padauk. Lastly, the screw is turned on a lathe from a piece of chechen. For more details on the build, check out the build article linked above, or don’t, I don’t really mind. Either way, enjoy, you’re a great person and I believe in you.

Overall, here you a looking 2 weeks of full time work between the build and also the video edit. For the full Jackman experience, definitely don’t let yourself miss the build video!

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Jackman sized utility knife

…Jackman for scale

Measuring up the blade to the model knife

I used this photo along with the ruler to scale up the photo in order to create a template to work from.

The rough shape of the knife

Power carving down to size using the Arbortech Turbo Plane

The internal mechanism, size comparison

Regular sized knife along with jumbo knife and mini knife

I’m not sure what’s real anymore

Banana for scale

X-ray composite photo

This almost looks like a rendering but it’s a composite photo that I created so you can see the exterior and the internals of the giant utility knife at the same time.

Watch the build video for all the details you never knew you needed!