I am Aurel Manea, a Romania based photographer and a newly done enthusiast.

In a way, as a photographer doing drone photography here was coming back to the first contact I had with Iceland 9 years ago. It was Google Earth that drew my attention to the patterns of land and water so out of this world that made me consider it for travel. So this year was the first one where there was a professional drone small enough that I could carry in the backpack besides my main camera gear that made all of this possible (Mavic Pro).

After spending 2 weeks in a car mostly in the deserted highlands I managed to get photos and videos that I found to be enough for a gallery.

Initially I concentrated on 2d abstract patterns that without any reference point showed that at a certain level all that is small and big shares the same type of structure and features as macro and microscopic photography. But in the end I think I managed to get some spectacular landscapes also.

Hope you enjoy.

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