Colours have always been a big indicators of class. For the ancients, it distinguished the nobles and patricians, usually in purple or blue, from the Peasants and citizen class whom usually wore what they could find.

Colours has also been affiliated to how we feel. The colours we choose to adorn resonates deeply with our emotions and expressions of our emotions . They could be the difference between friendly and spooky, or why a place could feel comforting and appealing to why that conner of the library or mall creepies you out. Yellow has always been picked as a colour for passive expressionism: depicting bored , sucking or sad. Red shines in enthusiasm and charisma, could show excitement or raging curiosity.

Columbian graphic designer, David Perez with his latest project ” Girls” illustrates monochrome portraits of ladies with hints of coloured artefacts to questions the intriguing relationship between colours and emotional expressions. For some, a single colour and easy expression give it away, or did it? others a mixture of colours and placid emotion makes it hard to unravel. Can you tell which emotions on each girl? give it a go.

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