It was a Sunday night, March, Wendy Teal, a Niagara photographer, was tagged by friends in a Facebook post. He was a fiance looking for someone to photograph an urgent wedding.

“I am looking for a photographer to do a small wedding ceremony in Fort Erie, Ontario. My fiancé’s mom has become very ill and we have arranged to be married at the Douglas memorial Fort Erie hospital on Tuesday at 2:30 so that she can be there for her daughter’s wedding. We are desperately looking for someone to capture the moment for us. Please message me with info .. “

Wendy replied to the message to find out more. The couple wrote back with the details and asked how much it would cost, but was so thrilled by the story she offered to do the entire ceremony for free. It soon became clear that all those engaged in marriage donated their services because the bride’s mother had received only a short time to live a few days earlier, and organizing the wedding in the hospital meant a lot to the family.

The staff at Douglas Memorial Hospital helped organize a very special wedding for everyone, and Wendy’s photographs captured the ceremony beautifully. The family, especially the mother of the bride, was extremely grateful to all concerned who devoted themselves to the utmost in such a short time.

For Wendy, this event meant so much more. Just a few years earlier, both parents had been diagnosed with cancer in the last stage with little time difference from each other.

“It was a bit difficult for me to go back to this hospital,

My mother died on a Tuesday morning. While we were planning the funeral, we worried that my father would not be able to attend because he was not in a position to leave the hospital. A nurse heard us arguing and told us, “Do you want your father to attend your mother’s funeral? Be quiet, we’ll have a funeral here at the hospital.”

“They let the funeral in a room and my father can say goodbye to my mother”

“My father started to get weak quickly and was taken from the funeral back to his room.We went to the cemetery to put my mother to sister and I returned to the hospital and a few hours later my father died.He promised to my mother that he would never leave her, and had his last breath only after knowing that she had already rested.He fulfilled his promise. “

The wedding was held in the same room as her mother’s funeral, but she did not mention the fact to the newlyweds because there was already a lot of sadness in the place.

The photographer quickly printed 5 pictures of the wedding and delivered them to the bride who was moved and took her mother to see while she was still alive.

“It was an honor to attend the ceremony, and an honor to photograph it, to give them precious memories.”

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