“Busted!” series I did with Lilly and Deuce in Portugal in January 2015. © Jasmina Lozar 2015.

So in 2015 I got a chance to go from Slovenia to Portugal (2500km) as an exchange student to study photography. I thought: “That’s great, but what about my dogs?!” Well, I did a lot of research, made a lot of calls, send hundreds of emails and somehow I managed (with some help of big-hearted people) to get them to Portugal! While I studied I wanted to take as many photos of them as possible just to show that dogs are happy as long as they’re with their owners, no matter what. I made a photo series called “Busted!” which shows them in different situations, being busted by me.


More info: 2dogs1adventure.weebly.com

Us in Portugal!

Lilly’s brunch

Deuce after the shower

“Hey, I only drank a bottle!”

The morning after

“I just wanted to try your clothes on…”

Loundry basked is a perfect place for observation