Bus stops is a study of strangers’ sociability. Idea for this project was born in a very spontaneous way. I was waiting at a red traffic light and watching people at the bus stop. At least 40 people were at the stop and majority of them were looking into the bus coming direction. Immediately after seeing this scene an idea popped in my head – it would be great if I could make them all look at my camera!

When I started analyzing the scene, asking myself why this affected me, I interpreted mass looking at the same direction as an expression of need to get out of socially uncomfortable space, a group of strangers.

A human, by nature, is a sociable creature that needs any kind of interaction with other humans and what I saw at the stop was totally different. It inspired me to highlight the sociability of unfamiliar people. What you see is an unstaged group portraits of strangers made at public bus stops in Vilnius.

More info: simaslin.com