This work is a solar pyrography. It uses the sunlight to burn. The tools are the sun and a magnifying lens. Focusing the sun with various powered magnifying lenses produces a burning ’stylus’ of varying size. It is a totally green, and transportable art, It needs no material other than sunlight and something burnable to focus upon.

Anything that burns is potential material. It is basically like black ink tattoo on bones, but rather than being inked, the lines are burned directly onto the bone using the magnified rays of the sun—all done with simple magnifying lenses.
The markings become a sort of outfit for passage onto the next, more ghostly realm. The immaterial rays of sunlight giving new context, new meaning, new life, to what would otherwise be forgotten lives. It’s a resurrection of sorts.



Cometto skull

Cometto skull detail


Long bone, whitetail deer