For Game of Thrones fans (and George R R Martin himself), Tyrion is a much loved character. The youngest Lannister may be a dwarf, but he is also witty and the self-proclaimed ‘God of tits and wine’, which makes him the lovable underdog you want to root for.

And that’s a very normal human tendency, isn’t it? Rooting for the underdog? Watching them transform the worst hand of cards ever dealt into a winning hand, reinstates your faith that you can overcome anything if you just believe in yourself.

Well, if you’re amongst those who love a good transformation story, this one will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Hey this is Kapil(Tyrions Twin as I Likes to Call Myself); a guy from Indore who, at first, looks like your next door, happy to go lucky guy in his twenties but in actual, I am little. 3 feet, 8 inches small! We know that you seldom meet people in your life who are this small and they take you by surprise. What makes me write my story here is the fact that I have achieved quite a feat which people say was next to impossible. I dedicated himself to go after a goal and made sure that I am not stopping till i smash it! Let’s know more about me!

I was born with Arthrogryposis; a term given to multiple joint contractures. In simpler terms, Kapil’s bones were not as flexible as a normal person’s are and he cannot move them much. They are stuck to one position and it makes it impossible to move My body like a normal mortal does, I Dont have a kneecap, My hip joints are dislocated and I also has an abnormal curvature of the spine that results in his nerves getting pinched, causing a tingling sensation down mu leg. Phew!

To add to that I had a fracture in My left knee which left Me bedridden for 2 years. Yes, I couldn’t walk for 2 years. All this lead Me to gain weight-68kgs which isn’t much but then I am a ‘Dwarf’.

My Cousin Recommended me to a friend of his-Dr.Harsh Thakre who Is a physiotherapist, he worked with me and i was able to walk again but i was not in great shape. I was low in confidence, I didn’t wanted to go out of My home because of the way I looked. whenever I went I was being stared at,kids used to tease Me call me names.

And That was it,I have had enough. I decided I couldn’t do anything about My height but I could work on my fitness. I decided I will workout and diet for a month and see where it leads me.But nothing comes that easy I was denied access to a gym, reason being they didn’t wanted to take any sort of risk, disappointed I was!

I then took it upon myself and started working out at home.

For the first month I lost 4 kgs but it had no improvement on the way I looked. I was disheartened.

But I had given up enough times to see that it just made things worse. This time, I wanted to see where persistence and perseverance gets Me. And boy, it got me exactly where I wanted to be!

“I didn’t gave up this time”!

And now after an year of diet and workout I have lost 29 kgs.I worked out at home doing whatever I could. I survived on 600-800 calories a day(but that used to be nutritious like fruits vegetables oats milk without sugar) as eating more calories meant I have to workout more which wasn’t possible due to the physical condition I was in.

What’s more, I can even drive a car now! After making a few modifications to the vehicle and lots of convincing arguments to My parents, I was able to accomplish this feat!

I hated being dependent on others for mobility. It took a lot of research and tears on my part but when I finally sat in the driver’s seat, it took me only a few minutes to get adjusted to all the modifications.

And now, i have driven around 19000 kms already!

For anyone who’s down in the doldrums because life has been unfair to them, My story can be the jolt they need to turn their life around.

Motivational quotes notwithstanding, the power of belief and perseverance cannot be doubted. You want the fruit? Put in the labour. Your dream is out there, ripe for the picking. You just need to reach out and grab it!