Dimitri, who also goes by the name of his brand Jahz (Jahz Design) is a “multifaceted self-taught artist” based in France. His freelance artworks cover, among other things: design, fashion and photography.

His latest series centers Buzludzha, “Bulgaria’s abandoned Soviet spaceship”, as he calls it.

Buzludzha is a holy place for photographers around the world, who sometimes cross the ocean just to get a chance at capturing the mysterious architectural structure.

The monument was built by the Bulgarian communist regime back in the `70s and it commemorated the events organized by the socialist movement that led to the founding of Bulgarian Communist Party.

Buzludzha’s unique, unbelievable architectural looks, its UFO-like shape and the fact that it sits abandoned on a mountain in the middle of nowhere definitely contributed to its charm.

More info: jahzdesign.com

UFO Soviet

The corridor

Buzlduja Mountain

Buzludzha was once the futuristic, flying-saucer shaped headquarters of the Communist Party in Bulgaria

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