BU Water: the beautiful and sustainable water bottle that uses a natural bamboo filter.

The BU Water bottle has a unique design that is sure to grab people’s attention – from its elegant, glass like appearance to its 100% natural charcoal filter which removes chemicals from tap water.

Over 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles are thrown away around the world every year. BU Water aims to bring you an innovative alternative to single-use bottles by encouraging people to conserve resources with a reusable bottle that filters water on the go.

Using traditional Japanese methods the activated charcoal filter is made by simply cutting a piece of bamboo to size and placing it in a kiln. The designers at BU have also made the lid from bamboo, the fastest growing plant on the planet, in order to limit the use of plastic and all unnecessary features.

The creators of BU Water have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production, so you can help them reach their goal and reduce plastic waste around the world.

More info: kck.st