Since few years I travel the world ( and quit my cubicle IT job ) , in order to take pictures of the most iconic, wonderfull and sometimes totally crazy pieces of brutalist architecture I can encounter.

Here are some of my favorite concrete chunks from all over the world !

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The delicious roughness of a well behaved London city , the natinal theater

Concrete giants soldier facing the bulgarian black sea cost in varna

Commieblock at dusk on a remote caucasus town

The iconic bulgarian UFO – buzuldzha

Tetris like capsule tower in the hearth of Tokyo

Crazy albanian pyramid in the center of tirana

A bunch of star shape social housing in the center of France

Defender of stara zagora monument in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Stone giants from another time …

The wonderfull hotel Salut in the center of Kiev (Ukraine)

The space jokey , a strange visionin tbilisi ( Georgia )

The lunar shape kiev crematorium ( ukraine )

Le Corbusier ‘ couvent de la tourette in France

The Ukrainian Institute of Scientific Research and Development of Kiev

The sarajevo olympics bobsleight tracks