In this project UK based artist Samantha Alland explores the many symbolisms linked with the hare as told by myths and legends across cultures, spanning from ancient China to Paganism.

This project consists of 6 small hares, acting as one transforming running hare. Each small ceramic figure explores a different symbolism or story. ‘The Omen’ portrays the symbol of madness, ill-health and bad tidings. ‘The Witch’ represents the link between the hare and witches in early Britain. ‘Story of the Moon’ depicts the Buddhist story of how the Hare image got into the moon. ‘The Goddess’ celebrates the numerous Hare-headed Goddesses. ‘The Egg’ illustrates the Celtic origin of the Easter Bunny and ‘The Jackalope’ represents the mythical North American horned Hare.

The project also includes three larger pieces; The Lunar Hare, Origin of the Jackalope and The Mad Hare. The Lunar Hare represents the overarching theme of the Moon, which unites many cultures. The Origin of the Jackalope depicts the theory that the Jackalope myth rose from a disease hares and rabbits can contract which causes horn-like growths to grow on its body, particularly the head and mouth. The Mad Hare is an extension of the idea of the omen.

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The Egg

Story of the Moon

The Witch

The Egg

The Goddess

The Omen

The Jackalope

The Lunar Hare

Origin of the Jackalope