When a bit of craft and magic meet, a brambling is full born… or is it sprouted from a little acorn? The biology of the little fairy creature aside, this fantasy art doll is completed! All told, he took around 16 hours to craft (including accidentally sculpting two right hands for him! Unfortunately, not the first time something like that’s happened, I assure you!). You can watch a brief overview of how this fae art doll was made.

I love characters with fanciful clothing and while the brambling’s clothes are meant to have a rustic, utilitarian look to them, I was able to add some visual interest with the fae creature’s asymmetrical, tattered cloak. The clothing was distressed by wrinkling, staining with acrylic paint, sanding, and then hand-sewing the fabric directly on to the art doll’s body. I usually make a point of distressing an art doll’s fabric as I like the viewer to imagine the secret life that the art doll has when they’re not around. A life with a bit of mystery and magic’s a better one! Lastly I set-up the scene by arranging fabric, vines, butterflies, and even used some small tree stumps! I photographed this mixture of found objects and then spent a little time post-producing the image in Photoshop.

You can find a print of this fae creature on my Etsy here.

Thanks for visiting with my brambling and hopefully he didn’t cause you too much mischief!

More info: thedreamsyndarts.com

Once the Fae Art Doll’s Crafting’s Complete, I Photograph Him. Moments later, he chomped down on that poor butterfly!

A Sketch of a Brambling in the Wild!

With the Sculpting Complete, It’s Time to Paint Him… just moments after this was taken, he knocked over my coffee!

Giving this Little Fae Creature Some Color

Adding Some Fine Details. Hopefully he’ll remain still for a few minutes longer!

Here He is After the Flowers Are Added

Woop, Woop! The Brambling’s All Done! And he’s happy to go frolicking through the woodlands.

Crafting a Brambling Fae Art Doll